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Biodiversity Information and Data

What is biodiversity?
Biodiversity inventory of Ouachita Upland Rivers
Rare species information from the Oklahoma Natural Heritage Inventory
Non-native, invasive plants in Oklahoma
Oliver's Woods Ecological Laboratory and Natural Area
National Vegetation Classification: Implementation and Outreach for Oklahoma
Oklahoma Native Plant Society

Searchable Databases and Maps

Catalog of the Woody Plants of Oklahoma
Distribution of Oklahoma Amphibian and Reptiles by Recorded Sightings (DOKARRS)
Duck and Fletcher Map, a Game Type Map of Oklahoma originally published in 1943.
OK-GAP Project
Oklahoma Bird Specimen Records
Oklahoma Butterfly and Moth County Records and Species Distribution
Oklahoma Mammal Specimen Records
Oklahoma Vascular Plants Database
OK Wild Bird Wiki
Upland Forests of Oklahoma


Bird Literature of Oklahoma
Herpetelogical Literature of Oklahoma
Historic Aquatic Biological Literature of Oklahoma
Mammal Literature of Oklahoma
Plant Literature of Oklahoma

Keys, Guides, and Checklists

Oklahoma Odonata Checklist
Oklahoma Butterfly Records by County
Oklahoma Moth Records by County
Wetland and Aquatic Plants of Oklahoma
Freshwater Diatom Genus Key
Checklist of Oklahoma Amphibians and Reptiles
Checklist of Oklahoma Birds
Oklahoma Ornithological Society Checklist of Oklahoma Birds
Fishes of Oklahoma
Annotated Checklist of Recent Land Mammals of Oklahoma
Annotated Checklist of the Amphipod Crustaceans of Oklahoma

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