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Biodiversity of Oklahoma

Poster Series

New for 2015!!

Shortleaf Pine: Our Heritage - Our Resource - Our Legacy

Shortleaf pine forests and associated habitats once covered a vast area of the continent – from eastern Oklahoma and Texas, to the Atlantic Coast from New Jersey down to Florida – and helped fuel industrial expansion into the region.  Early settlers and Government Land Office surveys describe many of these pine- dominated and mixed pine-oak forests as open woodlands where enough sunlight reached the ground to support a diverse assortment of native wildlife species.

These resilient and adaptive forests, spanning parts of twenty-two states, represent an extraordinary diversity of cultural, ecological, and economic values, yet are being displaced. With millions of people depending upon the benefits this under-appreciated species provides, including wildlife and recreation, water quality and high-value wood products, the need to conserve and better manage the shortleaf pine ecosystem is more compelling than ever.

Learn more about the Shortleaf Pine and order the poster.

Previous Posters in the Series

"Cross Timbers: Gateway from Forest to Prairie" is the 5th poster in our series depicting the variety of plants and animals found in Oklahoma. This poster has a sample of some of organisms that live in the complex mosaic that forms to make the cross timbers ecoregion.  
Cross Timbers Poster

Learn more about the Cross Timbers!


Crayfish of Oklahoma

Rare Animals and Plants of Oklahoma

Oklahoma's Botanical Heritage

Would you like copies of our posters?

If you live in a state within the Cross Timbers ecoregion, you may request a free folded Cross Timbers poster by emailling:

To insure prompt poster delivery --
Use "
Cross Timbers Poster" in subject line. In the body of the email type your NAME and MAILING ADDRESS.

Anyone may also pick up copies of available posters free of charge at our office:

Oklahoma Biological Survey
111 E. Chesapeake Street
Norman, OK 73019

You can order copies of the Cross Timbers, Prairie River, and Crayfish poster using this order form.

The Botanical Heritage poster was recently reprinted, you can find more information about it here.

If you would like more than 10 posters to distribute to large groups, such as entire classes or conference attendees, please contact our office by phone (405-325-7658).

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