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Oliver Wildlife Preserve

Welcome to Oliver's Woods Ecological Laboratory & Natural Area.

Forensic Entomology class at Oliver's Woods

Oliver's Woods is a 70 acre river bottom woodland and wildlife preserve adjacent to the campus of the University of Oklahoma. The northern border is bounded by State Highway 9 and the forest of juniper and elm there sits on a plateau rising 25 feet above the rest of the Woods. The southern two thirds of the preserve is located on the floodplain of the South Canadian. The Woods comprises stands of large diameter bur oak, hackberry and elm in the southwestern quarter. The northeast section is dominated by well spaced large pecan trees. The western central section grades from a cattail swamp and small ponds with permanent water, to a seasonally flooded forest with dense young green ash regeneration, to open more well drained stands of large diameter ash, cottonwoods and elm. The Oklahoma Biological Survey manages the area and coordinates its use for classroom and research purposes. Oliver's Woods is in the State Register of Natural Heritage Areas.

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