Michael A. Patten
Selected Publications




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I have written or revised the Systematics sections for hundreds of bird species accounts for the Birds of North America, Cornell Lab of Ornithology. I have published an additional 100+ papers (1990–2013) on basic ecology, faunistics, or natural history in Auk, Birding, Birds of North America, Bulletin of the British Ornithologists’ Club, Bulletin of the Oklahoma Ornithological Society, Bulletin of the Southern California Academy of Sciences, California Fish and Game, Condor, Cotinga, Euphonia, Grouse News, Herpetological Review, Journal of Field Ornithology, National Audubon Society Field Notes, Monographs in Field Ornithology, North American Birds, The Ohio Cardinal, Publication of the Oklahoma Biological Survey, Southwestern Naturalist, Studies in Avian Biology, Texas Birds, Western Birds, The Western Tanager, Wilson Journal of Ornithology, and publications of the International Union for the Conservation of Nature, Bureau of Land Management, California Department of Fish and Game, Point Reyes Bird Observatory, San Diego Natural History Museum, and United States Forest Service. I also have published book reviews in the Condor, Quarterly Review of Biology, Trends in Ecology and Evolution, Tropinet, and Western Birds.




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