Chrysothamnus pulchellus (Gray) Greene ssp. baileyi (Woot. & Standl.) Hall & Clem.

  • Family: Asteraceae (aster, daisy, sunflower, etc.)
  • Common name: rubber rabbit brush
  • Synonyms: C. baileyi, C. pulchellus ssp. elatior, Ericamera pulchella

    Small shrub to 0.5 m (18 in) tall. Twigs glabrous, greenish or whitish. Leaves alternate, sessile, entire, linear, 2-4 cm (0.8-1.6 in) long and about 2 mm (0.1 in) wide, glabrous except for scabrous-ciliate margin. Flower heads small, numerous in terminal cymose clusters. Florets usually five per head, yellow, corolla 10-14 mm (0.4-0.6 in) long. Achenes usually glabrous, about 5-7 mm (1/4 in) long, with a pappus of numerous fine bristles.

    Distribution: Southwestern Kansas and southeastern Colorado southward to northern Mexico.
    Habitat: High plains, especially on sandy sites.
    NWI status: none
    Comment: Chrysothamnus is from a Greek phrase meaning golden shrub, and refers to the numerous golden-yellow flowers; pulchellus means beautiful, in reference to the numerous and persistent golden-yellow flowers.

    Distribution in Oklahoma:

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