Clematis drummondii Torr. & Gray

  • Family: Ranunculaceae
  • Common name: Texas virgin's-bower

    Climbing, dioecious semi-woody vine, often several m long. Stems glabrous to pubescent. Leaves pinnately compound. Leaflets usually 5-7, variable in shape but usually lance-ovate and coarsely toothed, variable in size on the same plant, the largest usually 3.5-8.5 cm (1.4-3.3 in) long and 1-5 cm (0.4-2 in) wide. Flowers paniculate and usually numerous, about 2 cm (0.8 in) across. Sepals cream-colored, spreading, about 1 cm (0.4 in) long. Styles persistent, plumose, 4-8 cm (1.6-3.1 in) long.

    Distribution: Southwestern Oklahoma, western Texas, New Mexico, Arizona.
    Habitat: Various, often in disturbed areas.
    NWI status: none
    Comment: Clematis is a name given by Dioscorides to some slender climbing plant; drummondii honors the Scottish explorer Thomas Drummond, who collected plants in Texas.

    Distribution in Oklahoma:

    Last update: 9/9/99
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