Juniperus scopulorum Sarg.

  • Family: Cupressaceae (cypress & juniper)
  • Common name: Rocky Mountain juniper
  • Synonyms: J. virginiana var. montana, J. virginiana var. scopulorum, Sabina scopulorum

    Evergreen shrub or small tree to 6 m (20 ft) tall with usually a single trunk to 15 cm (6 in) in diameter. Crown usually pointed and dense. Bark thin, reddish brown, fibrous and stringy. Twigs thin, gray-brown, rough. Leaves opposite in four rows on the twigs, scalelike, about 1.5 mm (0.06 in) long, gray-green, sharp pointed. On vigorous shoots, the leaves are up to 6 mm long. Cones glaucous, blue, berrylike, about 6 mm (0.25 in) in diameter.

    Distribution: Native to the Rocky Mountain region from Canada to Mexico.
    Habitat: Rocky slopes and foothills.
    NWI status: none
    Comment: Juniperus is the ancient classical name for the old-world junipers; scopulorum refers to its usual habitat of rocky cliffs and crags.

    Distribution in Oklahoma:

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