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Sets of all available back issues of The Southwestern Naturalist from 1956 to 1989 (Volumes 1-34) are on sale for $100 plus $25 shipping and handling. Individual issues can be purchased for $1.00 each. Costs for shipping and handling for orders outside the United States will be determined on inquiry. Issues after 1989 (Volumes 35-45) are regular price: $32 per volume plus shipping and handling. A list of individual volumes and numbers that are no longer available is provided below. Orders should be placed with:


Robert C. Dowler

Department of Biology

Angelo State University

San Angelo, TX 76909


The following volumes and issues are no longer available: 2(4); 5(3); 10(3); 12(1); 17(1,2); 18(1); 19; 20; 21; 22(2,3); 23(1,2); 26(1,3); 27(1,2); 28(1); 30(2); 36(4); 37(1,2,3); 39(1,2,3). Some others are in very short supply.


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