The Southwestern Naturalist
Contents 43(4)     December 1998


Feature Articles

Stem diameter-age relationships of Tamarix ramosissima on lake shore and stream sites in southern Nevada.


Sandra L. Haigh

The effect of spider-mediated flower alteration on seed production in golden-eye phlox.


James R. Ott, Jim A. Nelson, and Traci Caillouet

A subspecies of the Texas blind snake (Leptotyphlops dulcis) without supraoculars.


Hobart M. Smith, Frank van Breukelen, David L. Auth, and David Chiszar

Herpetofauna associated with arroyos and uplands in foothills of the Chihuahuan Desert.


Eric E. Jorgensen and Stephen Demarais

Dispersal of seeds as nest material by the cactus wren.


Suzanne J. Milton, W. R. J. Dean, G. I. H. Kerley, M. T. Hoffman, and W. G. Whitford

Effects of habitat and landscape characteristics on avian breeding distributions in Colorado foothills shrub.


Mark E. Berry and Carl E. Bock

Growth rates of juvenile nine-banded armadillos.


Colleen M. McDonough, Suzanne A. McPhee, and W. J. Loughry

Bobcats in residential areas: distribution and homeowner attitudes.


Robert L. Harrison

Parasites of swift fox (Vulpes velox) from southeast Colorado.


D. S. Miller, B. G. Campbell, R. G. McLean, E. Campos, and D. F. Covell

Rodent populations after a large wildfire in California chaparral and coastal sage scrub.


Dylan W. Schwilk and Jon E. Keeley

Observations on the reproductive behavior of captive Tadarida brasiliensis mexicana (Chiroptera: Molossidae).


Barbara French and Amanda Lollar


Recent northern records of the nine-banded armadillo (Dasypodidae) in Nebraska.


Patricia W. Freeman and Hugh H. Genoways

First record of Bauerus dubiaaquercus (Vespertilionidae) in Oaxaca, Mexico.


Miguel Angel Briones Salas

First neotropical cormorant, Phalacrocorax brasilianus (Aves: Phalacrocoracidae), breeding record for Arkansas.


Mary K. Coldren, Cade L. Coldren, Kimberly G. Smith, and Sterling S. Lacy

First record of the round-tailed horned lizard, Phyrnosoma modestum, in Colorado.


Cynthia A. Ramotnik

Color pattern variants in the Trans-Pecos copperhead.


Michael R. Haynie and Alec Knight

Litter variation in the Atlantic guitarfish (Rhinobatidae: Rhinobatos lentiginosus) with comments on distribution in the Gulf of Mexico.


Rececca A. Hensley, Michael J. McCoid, and Carl A. Luer


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