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The Southwestern Naturalist is open to papers in English (with an abstract or summary in Spanish required) dealing with living or fossil organisms, assemblages, or ecosystems of Mexico, Central America, and that region of the United States west of the Mississippi River and south of 40o N latitude. Anatomy, physiology, heredity, behavior, natural history, dispersal, distribution, evolution, and systematics are examples of acceptable topics, but do not constitute an exhaustive list.

You may view the tables of contents of the most recent volumes of The Southwestern Naturalist, search for specific authors, and read English and Spanish abstracts of all feature articles and notes through the BioOne website ( BioOne is a subscription service for on-line versions of many scientific journals, including The Southwestern Naturalist. Subscriptions provide on-line access to full-text articles in html or pdf formats; however, everyone can browse journal contents and view abstracts at no cost.
From the BioOne homepage, select the drop-down menu under "Browse" and click on "Journal Archives". This will take you to the "Journal Holdings" page, where you can click on "S" to quickly take you to the section of the long list with The Southwestern Naturalist. Then click on the "Archive" link to see what issues are available and make your choices of what you want to view.

Tables of Contents (Recent Issues not in BioOne)

Volume 43(1) — March 1998

Volume 43(2) — June 1998

Volume 43(3) — September 1998

Volume 43(4) — December 1998

Volume 44(1) — March 1999

Volume 44(2) — June 1999

Volume 44(3) — September 1999

Volume 44(4) — December 1999

Volume 45(1) — March 2000

Volume 45(2) — June 2000

Volume 45(3) — September 2000

Volume 45(4) — December 2000


Volume 46(1) — March 2001

Volume 46(2) — June 2001

Volume 46(3) — September 2001


Volume 47(2) — June 2002

Volume 47(3) — September 2002

Volume 47(4) — December 2002

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